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Resolving Orbi Satellite Blue Light Stays On

I have a Netgear Orbi mesh system installed in my home that works the way I want. I am happy with its performance as I can connect to the internet in all the parts of the home through different satellites placed all over the home. But one of the satellites had an issue recently. Its Ring LED was stuck on blue and the light won’t go off. Usually, the light turns off after some time. But the Orbi satellite blue light remained the same. Although the connection was good, the issue was that the light was very bright and I have it in my bedroom.

I assume that there are plenty other users who experience similar trouble. To help all those users, I am writing the solutions for the blue light that won’t turn off on the Orbi satellite. I’ve gathered all the topmost solutions after a lot of research on the topic. You can get help from these fixes if you’re also stuck with a blue light on your satellite.

How to Fix Orbi Satellite Blue Light?

Your Orbi satellite should show blue light when it powers on. After some time the Orbi satellite blue light goes off. No light on a fully booted up satellite means it is well connected to the router. Let me help you resolve the blue light that is adamant to turn off.

Listed below are the best solutions that worked well for users who had similar concerns. I am pretty sure that at least one of these fixes will help you as well.

1. Power Off the Satellite for Some Time

Before you try anything else, you should power off the Orbi satellite. Use its power button and turn it off. Thereafter, unplug its power adapter from its outlet. Now, forget about it for some time. After waiting for as long as you can, plug in the satellite and turn it on using the Power button located on it. Let it connect to the Orbi router and then see if it is still stuck with blue light.

My research helped me know that half of the users had their satellite fixed after a simple reboot process. You can rest your troubleshooting process if you have been lucky enough. However, if you are not in that lot, try the next solution.

2. Install Firmware Updates on Satellite

A common mistake that all of us often commit is that we update the Orbi router and forget about the satellites. I did this many times. I update the router as soon as there is an update available. But when it comes to satellite, I do it only when I realize that its network is not that good. This is a bad practice I know and I learned it the hard way.

To get rid of the blue light on my satellite I updated the satellite. However, I did not use the Orbi app for updates. I used the web browser and performed a manual update. Try this now. Update your Orbi satellite using the manual method on a browser using or IP

How to Update Orbi Satellite Manually?

  • Download the update on your computer or laptop first. Ensure to use the official website for downloads.
  • Now, make your PC join the Orbi’s network.
  • Log in to your Orbi using the admin details.
  • Click on the Manual Update tab.
  • On the Firmware Update page that opens up, click the checkbox next to your satellite model number.
  • Now, click on the Update button.
  • Further, click on the Browse button on the window that pops up.
  • Navigate and select the firmware file that you earlier saved on your computer.
  • Click on the Upload button to initiate the firmware update process Wait for some time and let the process complete.

As soon as your satellite updates, it will reboot itself. The moment your Orbi satellite boots up, you will no longer see Orbi satellite blue light. By any chance, the satellite’s blue light won’t turn off even after the update then you’re left with the final resort. What’s that? Check in the last point!

3. Reset Orbi Satellite

Resetting is the final option that you should go for if no other solution helps you. After the satellite is reset, its configurations are restored to the default values and the current settings are wiped off. To reset the satellite, do this:

  • Remove any cable if connected to the satellite. Let only the power cable remain attached to it.
  • Find a sharp object that’s pointed as well. Using it press the Reset button that’s located inside a hole on the satellite.
  • You got to hold it till the light blinks in amber color.
  • Release the button and the satellite will reboot.

Upon resetting your satellite, you need to connect it to the router and set it up once again. You can do this through the Netgear Orbi app or the web UI.


I am very much sure that by now Orbi satellite blue light should turn off. I have discussed three different solutions in this post. At least one out of these three should help you out. Hoping to help you, I conclude this helpful post.

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